Drivr launches tipping solution for Onfleet customers

The Onfleet Integrations Marketplace now includes Drivr’s cashless tipping via simple API integration 

August 28, 2023 – Santa Cruz, CA – Drivr, the company dedicated to improving the lives of last mile delivery drivers and service providers, today announced the launch of its cashless tipping solution into the Onfleet Integrations Marketplace, an app store that provides solutions for delivery optimization.

Using existing Onfleet messaging tools, Drivr sends a single link that opens a variety of new functions to improve the delivery experience for delivery drivers and customers alike. This includes everything, from estimated times of package arrival to delivery notes (i.e. “put the package on the left side of the front door please”) and more. For merchants, Drivr also provides a management portal to make it easy to see recent tips, run reports for payroll, change settings, and adjust customizations. 

Features available to Onfleet customers via the Drivr Delivery Success program include: 

  • Tipping: If the customer wants to add a tip prior to, or at the completion of, a delivery, they have a simple, cashless option that supports mobile wallets, making tipping as simple as one tap. Drivr handles all payment remittances and reporting back to the merchant for processing with their normal payroll. 
  • Notes & Instructions: Customers can put in gate codes, delivery preferences, and alert the driver if there’s an animal or other hazards to be aware of; these preferences are saved for the next time this customer uses the company’s services and are automatically placed into the driver’s Onfleet app to view when they deliver. (Coming soon) 
  • Rescheduling: If the customer knows they cannot receive the delivery, they have the option to request a reschedule. Drivr automatically removes the order from the delivery driver’s tasks, and the company has complete flexibility to reschedule. (Coming soon) 
  • Drop-off Photo: Customers will receive the delivery photo taken by the driver; everyone can see where their package was dropped off so they know the delivery has been completed and arrived at the correct location. (Coming soon) 
  • Ratings & Feedback: A simple tool for collecting feedback from customers and helping the merchant improve driver efficiency, implement company policy, and increase customer satisfaction. (Coming soon)

There are three tiers of Drivr solutions available to merchants using the Onfleet app store:

  • Just Tips includes pre- and post-delivery tipping, payroll reporting, and weekly ACH deposit. Drivr’s tipping platform is available now for merchants in the Onfleet Integrations Marketplace, and costs $30 per month for up to 5 delivery drivers (additional drivers are $6 / driver / month). 
  • Just Delivery includes rescheduling, delivery notes, driver ratings, and drop-off photos, and will be available in Q3 2023. This tier will be available for merchants for $30 / month for up to 5 drivers (additional drivers are $6 / month
  • Pro, also available in Q3, includes all delivery and tipping features at $50 / month for up to 5 drivers (additional drivers are $10 / driver / month).

“Drivr was founded to improve the experience for last mile drivers and service providers, in addition to the end customer. Onfleet shares that same goal,” says Sol Lipman, CEO and co-founder of Drivr. “Working with Onfleet and its partners makes it possible to alleviate some of the imminent challenges facing last mile delivery drivers, merchants, and customers. Its Integrations Marketplace is a testament to that – bringing together numerous vendors equally dedicated to improving last-mile delivery at every point in the journey.”

“We are always on the lookout for solutions that provide benefits for our customers and consumers in their delivery experience, and our partners are instrumental in helping us fulfill that goal,” says Chris Garrison, Director of Enterprise Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Onfleet. “Drivr’s tipping solution in particular addresses an appreciated value-add for last mile delivery drivers. Now last mile delivery companies can empower end customers to validate drivers’ hard work in a simple step.” 

Companies interested in trying out the Drivr platform can visit www.onfleet.com to easily integrate .

About Drivr
Drivr is a startup company based in Santa Cruz, CA, dedicated to improving the lives of last mile delivery drivers. Sol Lipman and Jacob Knobel have co-founded several startups with successful exits (Rally Up to AOL, Tomfoolery to Yahoo, etc). They have spent the last 2 years building technology for Amazon Prime Drivers and held executive roles at Owlcam, which pioneered connected Dash Cam technology.