Drivr Launches B2B Platform for Turnkey, Cashless Tipping to Entire Delivery Chain

Easy-to-integrate API removes financial and technical complexities to bring last-mile, cashless tipping to every driver, on every delivery

March 9, 2023 – Santa Cruz, CA – Drivr, the company dedicated to improving the financial lives of last-mile delivery drivers and service providers, today announced the first industry solution that allows any delivery company or software provider to finally unlock direct tipping for their customers and drivers. Built to target the crisis of high driver turnover across the industry, the Drivr enterprise solution democratizes access to driver tipping by making it available to every package and service delivery company through a simple API-based integration. Once integrated, Drivr handles all of the complex issues of money transfer, taxes, payroll, and reporting so businesses can focus on what matters: their drivers and their customers.

“Every company we talk to immediately understands the value of tipping, not just as a business need, but on a very personal level. They know customers want to say ‘thank you’ to their delivery drivers, they know how hard drivers work, and they understand the driver shortage is brought on by demanding working conditions,” said Sol Lipman, CEO and co-founder of Drivr. “Delivering thousands of packages and services a day is complicated enough and drivers and service providers deserve to feel appreciated. The industry needs a solution to address driver attrition that is seamless and efficient at every step – from first integration to the end customer experience – and that’s exactly what we deliver.”

Companies that integrate Drivr tipping into their software or delivery services via API are able to instantly generate “tip links,” which can be shared with a customer through existing channels like order status messages and feedback flows. When a customer taps on the tip link they are brought to a mobile web page where they can use the native mobile payment system (i.e. Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.) to tip a driver. 

The Drivr Tipping Platform offers multiple solutions for the spectrum of SMB, SME, and Enterprise logistics needs, including: 

  • No code solution
  • Low code solution
  • Custom / Enterprise solutions

This flexibility allows Drivr customers to design the right customer experience, displaying the option to tip at the right moment in their delivery workflow, and making it easy for drivers to get paid more while focusing on providing great service. For Drivr customers this means:

  • Increased Pay for Drivers – Tipping could increase driver pay by 20% more.
  • Reduced Driver Attrition – Drivers that make more, stick around longer.
  • Better Customer Service – Tipped drivers deliver a better customer experience. 
  • Easy Cashless Tipping – Most consumers don’t carry cash anymore. 

“Drivr makes it easy and safe for consumers to show their appreciation and tip their drivers, and, in turn, help our logistics clients retain their most critical resource in a competitive labor market,” said Doug Marinaro, CEO of Riptide. “A simple-to-use, secure tipping solution is a fantastic value-add for Riptide’s 3-way text message platform for delivery and service.”

Drivr provides no-code solutions for smaller companies so they can quickly integrate tipping through self-serve. For larger, more complicated integrations, Drivr will work with companies of any size to build the right custom integration that works best with their model. Software vendors will also be able to integrate and resell Drivr services to their own customers, increasing the value of their services and helping close new customers.

Companies interested in trying out the Drivr platform can visit www.drivr.life where they are able to schedule a live demo of an entire tipping flow, right from the driver’s seat.

About Drivr

Drivr is a startup company based in Santa Cruz, CA, dedicated to improving the lives of last mile delivery drivers. Sol Lipman and Jacob Knobel have co-founded several startups with successful exits (Rally Up to AOL, Tomfoolery to Yahoo, etc). They have spent the last 2 years building technology for Amazon Prime Drivers and held executive roles at Owlcam, which pioneered commercial Dash Cam technology