We’re always trying to think up new tools that might make things easier for last mile drivers. Sometimes we get a little out of the box, and sometimes our ideas don’t come to fruition, but you can’t innovate if you don’t try.
A scannable QR code put on packages prior to delivery. Customers scan the QR code to leave a tip or feedback for their driver/order post delivery.
TipTags Tag
Phone with TipLinks
Cash Icon
Adding a cashless mobile option to deliveries. DRIVR’s API handles payment remittance and reporting for payroll processing. For customers, it’s as simple as one tap.
Customer Driven Tips
Customer placed yard signs with a universal QR code that drivers scan when delivering. The QR takes drivers to an app where they sign up to receive tips. Drivers were matched to delivery tips via mobile location services.
Drivr Yardsign
Drivr Beanies
Purpose Driven Gear
Drivers have specific needs for purpose-driven clothing and gear to help them excel in their careers. We thought it would be interesting to create a brand for Drivers, that catered to their culture and job.
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