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Built for Amazon DSPs, our Generator translates scorecards into an easy to understand mobile format that can be sent to DAs via SMS in seconds.
Personalized coaching and custom notes are just the start.
DRIVR Mobile Scorecard
What our customers are sayin'...
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    DSP Owner
    Houston, TX
    Thank you for making our job a little bit easier. I did this manually for months for my team. Getting DAs involved with these metrics make the operation run much smoother.
  • User Avatar
    Syracuse, NY - DBU2
    I freaking love it! It has literally cut my time in half on sending out scorecards and I'm able to spend more time on the coaching aspect of it and helping our drivers be the best they can be.
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    DSP Owner
    Tampa, FL - DTP9
    I tried your scorecard tool and was blown away by the results. The tool is fabulous, we love it. We're going to incorporate it into our weekly counseling session we have with drivers that have 'deficiencies'. I think you've nailed it with everything we are looking for.
  • User Avatar
    DSP Owner
    Cicero, IL - DLN2
    Very impressed with the feedback that it gave drivers to improve! I love the layout and the ranking you implemented to show drivers where they stand in the company and how to strive for better.
  • User Avatar
    DSP Owner
    Sacramento, CA - DSR6
    The view [tracking] feature is wonderful. We are now able to pinpoint DAs who are not taking the time to view their feedback and coach them.
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